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Latest updates – 1M daily Covid cases daily US sets a global record


The United States has set a new world record with nearly 1 million daily cases.

Covid-19 has infected about 292 million people globally and killed over 5.4 million. The following are some of the most recent coronavirus developments:

In recent weeks, death and hospitalisation rates in the United States have been significantly lower than during prior Covid spikes.

In recent weeks, death and hospitalisation rates in the United States have been significantly lower than during prior Covid spikes. (AFP)

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, the Omicron variety has spread at a breakneck speed in the United States, resulting in over one million Covid-19 cases.

Latest updates - 1M daily Covid cases daily US sets global record

In the country, there were 1,080,211 new cases, a world record, with the number of cases more than doubling from the previous week.

It comes only a day after top US pandemic expert Anthony Fauci claimed the country was seeing an “almost vertical spike” in Covid-19 cases, with the peak may be just weeks away.

Delhi, India’s capital, has imposed a weekend curfew.

The capital of India, Delhi, will impose a weekend curfew to try to halt the spread of the Omicron version of the coronavirus, which has seen an increase in cases in recent days.

At a press conference, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that most offices will have to make half of their staff work from home.

In the meantime, India has reported 37,379 new Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours, the highest number since early September.

The number of deaths increased by 124, bringing the total to 482,017. The total number of infections is 34.96 million.

Over 15,000 additional cases have been reported in Russia.

In the last 24 hours, Russia has reported 834 deaths and 15,903 cases of Covid-19.

Patients using Covid are displaying less severe symptoms, according to the UK vaccination minister.

According to Britain’s vaccine minister, people being hospitalised with Covid-19 in the UK are displaying less severe symptoms than before.

“At the present, if you look at the patients who have been hospitalised, they are coming in with less serious symptoms than they were previously,” Maggie Throup, the Minister for Vaccines and Public Health, told Sky News.

“The number of people in hospital beds is nearly half of what it was a year ago, demonstrating the vaccine’s effectiveness.”

The lower house of France has put the study of the vaccine measure on hold.

Debates in France’s lower house of parliament have been halted over a plan that would make it essential to provide confirmation of Covid-19 inoculation before visiting a restaurant, going to the movies, or taking the train.

After a majority of deputies agreed to suspend the session after midnight on Monday, tense talks of the proposed law, which would eliminate the option of showing a negative test result instead of having the inoculations, came to a halt.

According to Vice-President of the National Assembly Annie Genevard, the chiefs of the various parliamentary groupings must now establish a new date for debates to restart.

After passing the National Assembly, the new law must be approved by the Senate before taking effect on January 15.

A tense debate in parliament on Monday underlined widespread exhaustion with the pandemic and methods to combat it, according to both the government and the opposition.

Anti-vaccination campaigners have been outraged by the proposed tightening of the laws, and several MPs claim they have been harassed, including vandalism and threats of violence.

In NSW, hospitalizations have reached pandemic levels.

Covid-19 cases in Australia have reached a new pandemic high amid an Omicron surge in the country’s two most populated states, with hospitalizations in New South Wales (NSW), home to Sydney, surpassing the Delta outbreak’s record numbers.

More than half of Australia’s 25 million people live in NSW and Victoria, which reported 37,151 new cases between them, narrowly missing the national one-day high of 37,212 set a day earlier.

There were 702 new cases recorded in Tasmania. Other states and territories are expected to release their figures later today.

The number of people hospitalised to NSW hospitals reached 1,344, a new pandemic high, surpassing the previous high of 1,266 set during the Delta wave in September. The number of people has more than doubled in a week, putting a strain on the healthcare system.

More flights have been canceled due to the winter storm and Omicron.

Flight cancellations have reached a holiday-season high as a result of a winter storm that blasted the mid-Atlantic, mixed with pandemic-related airline worker shortages, adding to the frustration of people merely wanting to go home.

By late afternoon Monday on the East Coast, more than 3,000 US flights and approximately 4,800 worldwide had been canceled, according to flight-tracking service FlightAware.

Another 13,000 flights were canceled, with more than 6,000 in the United States.

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Covid has claimed the lives of 76 people in Brazil.

According to data given by Brazil’s Health Ministry, there have been 76 Covid-19 deaths and 11,850 new cases.

There have been a total of 619,209 coronavirus deaths and 22,305,078 confirmed cases in the South American country.

‘Morbius’ has been postponed by Sony due to Omicron‘s concerns.

The January release of the Marvel superhero film “Morbius” has been postponed till April 1, according to Sony Corp.’s movie studio.

Several times during the Covid-19 outbreak, the film starring Jared Leto in the main role was postponed. It was scheduled to be released on January 28.

The delay is a hardship for movie theatre owners as they struggle to recover from protracted shutdown during the Covid crisis.

Return of Omicron to US Schools and Workplaces

Because of the surge in Covid-19 cases, several school districts in the United States extended their holiday break Monday or shifted back to online instruction, while others continued with in-person courses amid a growing sense that Americans will have to learn to live with the virus.

Because of the super-contagious omicron variant, school districts in cities such as New York, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, and elsewhere found themselves in a difficult position midway through the academic year, caught between pleas from teachers afraid of infection and pleas from parents who want their children in the class.

In the last two weeks, the number of new Covid-19 cases in the United States has risen to over 400,000 per day, the highest amount on record, as more Americans rush to get tested.

Ontario, Canada, has closed schools, eateries, and gyms.

Because of a record number of coronavirus illnesses caused by the ultra-contagious omicron form, Ontario’s leader announced Monday that all schools in the country’s most populous province will be closed and replaced with online learning.

Indoor eating will also be closed, according to Premier Doug Ford. Gyms and movie theatres will be closed, while hospitals have been instructed to postpone any non-urgent surgery.

Ford predicted a “tsunami” of cases, noting that just 1% of 100,000 new cases every day may overwhelm hospitals. The province of Ontario has a population of about 14.7 million people.


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