Friday, January 28, 2022

Stimulus Checks 2022: How You Could Receive Two $1,400 Payments in January


Despite the fact that a fourth stimulus check has yet to be announced, here’s how Americans could be eligible for two $1,400 payouts this month.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently told the Sun that the Biden administration is now working on a measure. If the bill is passed, payments for the Child Tax Credit will be reinstated. “If we finish it in January, we’ve discussed having double payments in February with Treasury officials and others.” “As a possibility,” she explained.

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The new strategy will be comparable to when people opted out of the child tax credit program in order to receive extra money in their December check, according to the media outlet. If a family has added a new dependent since December, they may be eligible for additional funds.

Despite the fact that this plan is still in the works, the Biden administration has not abandoned the Build Back Better package, which included a child tax credit. Members of Congress, however, have objected to the bill. As a result, it might be broken down into smaller pieces to pass.

Three million signatures have been collected on a petition for monthly $2,000 stimulus checks.

A petition for $2,000 monthly stimulus payments now has more than three million signatures, according to CNBC. The petition is titled “$2,000/month to every American,” as previously reported. Stephanie Bonin, the organizer, and her husband, Keith Arnold, operate Denver’s Duo Restaurant. Due to the financial strain created by the COVID-19 epidemic, the couple was compelled to close their restaurant.

Bonin claims that her tale isn’t unique and that many Americans would be facing enormous debts by 2020 due to a variety of obligations. “It took Congress nine months to issue a second stimulus check, and it just took a few moments to squander it.”

Bonin indicated that she and her husband were aware that they would not be eligible for unemployment benefits when their restaurant closed. Although their now-former employees would be eligible for benefits, they would be in no way comparable to their weekly wages and tips. “We were responsible for their survival.” That was keeping us awake at night. How will we ensure that they are able to work?”

During the COVID-19 outbreak, a petition is requesting $2,000 in monthly stimulus cheques. Despite being able to reopen their restaurant, Bonin and her husband were forced to close it again, this time for a week. This was owing to the fact that one of the employees tested positive for the virus. They told the news organization that they had lost $30,000 in the previous week. However, due to paid leave requirements, they still had to pay around $9,000 towards their payroll.

Bonin argues that the popularity of her stimulus check petition, which has surpassed three million signatures, is due to the uncertainty that has plagued the country for the previous two years. “I believe 3 million people are saying that.” ‘All we need is a certainty,’ he says. We need a plan that we can stick to month after month.”


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