Friday, January 28, 2022

Three million people have signed a petition to grant Americans $2,000 monthly payments.


In each of the past two years, the petition, which was started by a Denver restaurant owner, has made’s top ten list.

A campaign started by a Denver restaurant owner to have the federal government provide Americans with monthly stimulus payments until the COVID-19 pandemic is finished has hit a new milestone. Late Friday, the internet petition had surpassed 3 million signatures.

In 2020, Duo owner Stephanie Bonin created a petition asking Congress to pass regular checks of $2,000 for adults and $1,000 for children for the duration of the pandemic catastrophe.

In 2020, it gathered 2 million signatures, making it one of’s top ten petitions. It was added to the list for 2021 as more signatures were received.

After receiving direct payment checks of $1,200 and $600 in 2020 during the Trump administration and another under President Joe Biden, $1,400 stimulus payments were one of the most Googled subjects in 2021.

Furthermore, beginning in March 2021, the American Rescue Plan will offer monthly advance child tax credit payments to qualified American families. In addition, the first $10,200 in unemployment benefits received by Americans in 2020 will be tax-free.

There are no indications that Washington, D.C. politicians are really considering a fourth direct payment stimulus check. While the public and some lawmakers have called for recurrent payments, there has been little action.

The monthly child tax credit’s future is likewise up in the question. It was part of the $2 trillion Build Back Better package that passed the House in November. However, there is no Republican support for the bill in the Senate, and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has stated that he will not vote for it. He’s also stated that he wants recipients of the child tax credit to be required to work.

There is, however, some speculation of a possible solo bill for the child tax credit, which Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski has reportedly suggested she would support.


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